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    3. About Us

      A modern company, one of initiators and associate members of International Lithium Association, which has possessed the patent of lithium salt extraction technology and the capacity of engineering lithium salt production trains as EPC.

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      With its history dating back to August 2002, Sichuan Calciner Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SCT) is now a company with Class-B Qualification Certificate for Engineering Design of Cement Projects and Chemical Projects (Certificate No.A251019484) specializing in engineering design, project management and EPC of chemical engineering including lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide and lithium iron phosphate, construction materials engineering such as cement, lime, ceramsite, batching plant and dry-mixed mortar, and metallurgical engineering including nickel-iron and zinc oxide. SCT, located at Floor 18, China Taiping Finance Tower, NO.1777 North Tianfu Avenue,  High-tech District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, has possesed chemical, construction material, metallurgy and other engineering technologies, with strong capabilities of R&D, processing and manufacturing and after-sales service. SCT, with over 42 National Utilization Patents and 5 National Invention Patents. SCT has been granted the certificate of National High-tech Enterprise for consecutive several years since 2014 and it also has been recognized the specialized and sophisticated SMEs of Sichuan in 2022, which produce new and unique products, and the spodumene-lithium conversion technology developed by SCT has been evaluated internationally advanced by Sichuan Provincial Technology Transfer Center in 2023. In the same year, SCT has been entitled the "National Little Giant Firm of Specialized and Sophisticated SMEs" by Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department. 

      Currently, SCT has a team of 240 technical and managerial personnel, including 3 professor senior engineers, 20 senior engineers and 195 engineers and 22 functional personnel. Most of engineers and technicians possess over ten years of experience in design and project construction and management. Besides, SCT has strong technological power, comprehensive disciplines, advanced computer network system, engineering database, 3D design center, battery-grade lithium material research institute and scientific research industry base, with an experienced, pragmatic, and rigorous scientific research design, engineering consulting and management team. Up to now, SCT has designed the vast majority of lithium salt production trains in China and most of them has been operating by now. By December 2022, SCT had completed 61 production trains of  lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide with total design capacity exceeding 1 million tons, accounting for more than 85% of the total in China.

      As a leading design company in spodumene calcination and lithium conversion industry, SCT will further optimize various parameters and indicators during production and operation for energy conservation, emission reduction, and productivity and efficiency improvement so as to make more contribution to the new energy industry. Besides, SCT will also develop our technologies and experitises continuously to maintain our cutting-edge advantages in this field.

      Strategic orientation: technical and international corporation, develop a new equipment every year and lead the industry with cutting-edge technology.


      Leadership Address

      JIE CHANGChairman's speech

      Sichuan Calciner Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as to SCT) was founded in 2002, an international engineering company committed to research and design on new conversion technology of underlying lithium, LiOH and Li?CO?. we are awarded Grade B Qualification Certificate for Chemical Engineering Design, Grade B Qualification Certificate for Cement Engineering Design. Besides, we have many intellectual properties, 5 National Invention Patents and 50+ National Utilization Patents. And our honor list has been refreshing itself, National High-tech Enterprises, National Little Giant Firm of Specialized and Sophisticated SMEs, Sichuan Specialized and Sophisticated SMEs and Gazelle Enterprises of Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. In 2023, the spodumene-lithium conversion technology developed by us has been evaluated internationally advanced by Sichuan Provincial Technology Transfer Center. Meanwhile, we, initiator and associate member of International Lithium Association, stand ourself in frontier areas including design and EPC for new-energy materials with engineering and design performances turning up in 23 countries to this day.

      SCT is led by an experienced, vigorous and professional management team mainly composed of higher-education members who are mostly born after 1980s. We are striving and committing ourself to the cause of new-energy material. The research team can serve customers with the best process route and new equipment based on the features of various head ores like spodumene, lepidolite and lithium clay, petalite and amblygonite. The design force can design low-carbon, low-consumption, low-investment, and highly-intelligent production trains; the tech service force can offer clients' employees technological services and consultancies with project commissioning and long-run operation aspects. 

      We are willing to cooperate with in-field partners around the world ploughing in lithium industry to construct intelligent lithium production trains. I sincerely wish my excellent employees "Enjoy Working and Appreciate Living" (Calciner's Motto) to build much better future for the second and third gen of SCT employees.